Le Fate Restaurant

Le Fate Restaurant originated from an idea our family had over ten years ago. The idea was to create genuine and simple Roman cuisine, faithful to its own origins. Many of these traditional Roman dishes come from recipes that have been handed down for generations within the family, passing from grandmother to grandchild, and again, as the dish is woven into the fabric of the family's life and culture.
The kitchen is an adventure. It can open new worlds, unravel mysteries and sometimes it can transport you unexpectedly into the realm of the senses. At our restaurant you can enter into this adventure as we unfold the culinary mysteries of our dishes and the human experiences that formed them.In our new restaurant, the fresh produce from our garden is the star of the menu. Each dish is carefully and meticulously prepared. The generous portion sizes and the variety of the courses will astonish you, leaving you speechless with delight.